Untreated Blue Sapphires

A collection of untreated blue sapphires from Madagascar, Cambodia (Pailin), Sri Lanka and other sources. These sapphires are unheated.

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Untreated Blue Sapphire (Mogok)

A very fine untreated Burmese sapphire from Mogok. This gem is very clean, full of fire and weighs 4.07 carats.

Call for Price: 0800 970 6900

Untreated Blue Sapphire (Sri Lanka)

A bright untreated blue sapphire with a purple colour-shift in different lighting conditions. This sapphire weighs 3.04 carats.

£3,648.00 Ex Tax: £3,040.00

Untreated Blue Sapphire (Sri Lanka)

An untreated blue sapphire from Sri Lanka weighing 3.03 carats. A great pendant stone.

£2,545.20 Ex Tax: £2,121.00

Untreated Blue Sapphire (Sri Lanka)

A very bright less saturated pastel blue coloured untreated sapphire from Sri Lanka, weighing 2.46 carats.

£1,771.20 Ex Tax: £1,476.00

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